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Synchronizing Music Files and PodCasts From iTunes to S60 Phones

Synchronizing Music Files and PodCasts From iTunes to S60 Phones

A couple of weeks ago, I have discussed how to synchronized music files from Windows Media Player to some latest N-Series phones, such as Nokia N91 and N80. Today, I will show you how to synchronize from Apple’s iTunes in Windows operating system to your S60 phones.

Before we continue, I have to give pre-warning that you cannot synchronize protected files downloaded from iTunes Music Store. Why? This is because all S60 phones does not support Apple’s FairPlay DRM system. What can we synchronize then? You can still synchronized non-protected files, such as MP3 files, and your PodCasts subscription.

What do we need to synchronize music files and podcasts from iTunes to S60 phones?

  • First we need S60 phones that can be connected to the PC asUSB mass storage. Most of the newer S60 phones, such as Nokia N71, N80 and N91, can be connected as USB mass storage. You can check whether you phone support mass storage or not very easily. Plug-in your phone to the PC. If you see a dialog that has “Mass Storage” option (or “Data Transfer” in some other phones), then your phone is on the list…

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  • You need also a large memory card, such as 1 GB or 2 GB. Of course, nothing prevents you to use small memory card.
  • Next you need Apple’s iTunes. I assume that you must have iTunes installed on your PC now because you are reading this blog….
  • The last thing is the most important one, i.e.iTunes Agent. It is an open source project that enables us to synchronize any USB mass storage device with iTunes.

Now let’s start:

  • Connect your S60 phone to the PC as USB mass storage.
  • Run iTunes Agent. You should be able to see iTunes icon in Windows task bar (near clock).
  • Open Windows Explorer and create a new file in the root folder of your memory card. Choose a unique name, for example “iTunes_N73″. This file will be used by iTunes Agent to recognize your S60 phone. You can choose any name.
  • Now we have to configure iTunes Agent so that it recognizes your S60 phone. Right click iTunes Agent in the Windows task bar and select Preferences menu.

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  • Click New button to create a new device.
    • In the Name box, enter any name that you want.
    • In the Synchronize pattern box, choose the directory structure you want to have, i.e. iTunes, Artist Folder or Flat.
    • In the Music folder box, choose the directory you want to store your files. If you don’t choose anything, like in my example, it will be stored in the root directory.
    • In the Recognize by folder/file box, enter the unique file name that you have created in the previous step. In my example, it is “iTunes_N73″.
    • In the Associate with playlist box, enter the playlist that you want to synchronize with your S60 phone. In the example here, I use the same name as my device name, which is “Nokia N73″. You can, of course, create your own playlist from iTunes and change it again later from this dialog.

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  • Now you are ready to synchronize. Copy your music files or podcasts to your playlist. As I said earlier, you can copy your files to any playlist you want. Just remember to change the preference in the iTunes Agent.


  • To start synchronization, right click iTunes Agent and then select Synchronize devices menu.



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